About us

Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy was created on January 27, 2012 on behalf of Evgeniy Savchenko, the governor of Belgorod region. Institute deals with research, development and application of ecologically clean energy generation techniques, based on renewable sources (sun, wind, water, geothermal energy, and biomass), also with development of energy-saving and energy-efficient technologies.

Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy activities:

- Research and technological development;
- Science and business projects efficiency evaluation  (laboratory studies, tests and measuring)
- Business plans and feasibility studies development;
- Alternative energy projects design and installation;
- Attraction of investments to renewable energy sources-based objects’ installations;
- Application of energy efficient solutions in technological and production processes;
- Energy audit, energy service agreements, energy management;
- Technologies market analysis, selection of optimal solutions, equipment and spare parts for self-contained and also energy efficient electric and heat power supply.

Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy has developed the “Energy saving conception based on the usage of renewable energy sources on the territory of Belgorod Oblast”. The conception realization will be arranged under the patronage and guidance of governor’s advisory council for small-scale power generation development. Belgorod Institute of Alternative Power-Engineering is the Council’s body of executive power. 

  1. Investing activities (the formation of alternative energy as the new economic sector of Belgorod Oblast)
  2. Infrastructural activities
  3. Educational activities (staff assistance of regional alternative energy department)
  4. Regional alternative energy market stimulation 
  5. Energy generation technologies promotion 

As the result of the concept’s accomplishment following index number attainment is planned:
  1. The total volume of integrated electric energy capacity – 223,3 MW
  2. The electricity output – 1 700 million kWh
  3. The heat power output – 1 600GcalH
  4. The greenhouse gas emission reduction 1 300 tonnes annually
  5. The volume of fertilizer manufacturing – 7 300 tonnes annually

The annual agroindustrial complex digestible waste output – 14,5 million tonnes, solid domestic waste output – 3,7 million m3, sewage disposal plant waste output – 148,5 million m3.

Today, the energy production volume in the Belgorod territory comprises 8% from the regional’s total energy consumption index. Integration of 223,3 MW capacities using the renewable energy sources will allow to supply the 75% Belgorod population needs, and also will allow to solve the agroindustrial complex  waste accumulation  problem.

Moreover, the development of “green” energy production will allow to create the number of   vacancies, primary at the rural area. 

Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy is Small- Scale Power Generation Development Council’s executive organ in Belgorod region.