Energy audit and energy service

For energy saving simulation government of Russian Federation has adopted the federal law “About energy saving and energy efficacy improvement” (Nr 261-FL from 23.11.2009).This federal statue enacts specific mechanisms for electric efficiency improvement, as well also for public utility. Russian public utility contains a lot of so-called “hidden reserves” in the area of resources saving. Public utility’s losses of electric energy as the result of old equipment application comprise about 50% of total consumption. 


Proper organization of calculation and saving measures of electric energy allows above all, to pay exact amount of consumed electricity, not the amount people receive in payment documents. Energy audit, energy service contracts, energy management system allow to distinguish and to plan range of measures for reduction of fuel-and energy resources expenses. Potential value of economy after the implementation of these programs will comprise approximately 3-15% of annual energy resources payment. 

  • Energy audit
  • Energy service contracts
  • Energy management system

Energy inspection (energy audit) – is the collection of initial data of the object and object’s engineering systems, conducting of instrumental measurements, thermal-imaging survey for energy consumption and energy efficiency index evaluation, with issue of the energy saving recommendations and depicting this information in energy performance certificate. 

According to FL Nr 261 energy inspections are obligatory for following objects and should be made before 31 st of December 2012:

  • state government bodies, local authorities, which are authorized as legal entity;
  • educational or governmental organizations
  • organizations with regulated types of activities
  • organizations dealing with production and transporting of water, natural gas, heating energy, electric energy, natural gas, oil, coal extraction, oil-products producing, natural gas, oil, processing, oil and oil-products transporting
  • organizations with total annual expenses for energy resources consumption over 10 million rubles annually
  • Organizations, conducting energy saving and energy efficiency improvement arrangements  in the region at the expense of diverse level budgets. 

Energy service - is a package of specific measures, which let to reduce the energy consumption distinctly, without significant changes in working process of engineering systems. For realization of this service a performance contract should be signed (a contract for rendering of services: maintenance, designing, acquisition, financing, assembling, adjustment, operation, maintenance and reparation services of energy saving equipment).

Energy management – is a set of managerial approaches for energy efficiency improvement (unlike to engineering, technical and technological). Allows to provide continuous monitoring of energy resources consumption, to monitor the correspondence of received data to economy tasks, to run the statistics, to analyze received data. The main principle of energy management system is automatized data-measuring system of commercial or technical energy resources accounting. 

Energy auditors of OAO “Belgorod Institute of Alterative Energy” during realization of state federal policy in energy saving and energy efficiency, 24 big objects were inspected, most part of the were cattle breeding enterprises. 

The first step was documental revising, second – locational and equipmental revising. To get more accurate revising results, which give an opportunity to find the heat losses of buildings with the special device – infrared imager – an inspection was held during heating season in winter time. 

Based on inspection results, energy auditors have formed professional conclusion on existing level of energy efficiency at enterprises, have developed group of actions to improve energy efficiency level with possibility of further energy service agreement signing. 

The last working step was of object’s energy performance certifications protection, and their registration in Ministry of Energy of Russian Federation.