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16 Oktober 2014
Belgorod Institute of alternative energy takes part in international forum “RUGRIDS-ELECTRO”

The formal opening session of international electric-power industry forum “RUSGRIDS-ELECTRO” was held in Moscow on October 15th. The forum was organized by OAO “Rosseti” and central exhibition center “Expocenter” with the support   of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, State Duma of the Russian Federation and Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation. Chairman of State Duma committee for energy industry Ivan Grachev,   First Deputy chairman of the committee for energetics Yuri Lipatov, Oleg Budargin, general manager of Federal Tariff Service Sergei Novikov, general manager OAO “Rosseti” Oleg Budargin, general manager ZAO “Expocenter” Sergei Bednov, vice-president Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation Vladimir Strashko and others took part in the opening ceremony.

All the participants agreed on the opinion that events of such scale will help in forming general conditions and general rules for all energy power market players of Russia, assist in finding the balance among tasks, possibilities and necessary transformations.

“Belgorod institute of alternative energy” General Manager  Victor Filatov has taken part in round-table conference within the framework of international forum, with the topic “mains electrical energy industry and alternative power generation: competition or symbiosis?”. 

 In his speech Mr. Filatov shared the experience of Belgorod region, where three types of RES were installed and currently successfully running biogas power plant, solar-and wind power farms.
Development of renewable energy sources-based electric power generation was one of the main topics of the meeting. Particularly, Oleg Shutkin, general manager OOO “Hevel” has shared his experience in connecting to the distributed power grids of Kosh-Agachskaya power station.

 All the conference participants, representatives of generation and power grids companies, State Duma committee of the Russian Federation for energetics, nonprofit organization “Market Council” were agreed on opinion to develop distributed generation types:both traditional and alternative which is urgently important. Still, this development should be held with taking into consideration positions and interests of all the participants – both generating companies and final customers. Generally, in current conditions for electric energy of Russian Federation interaction of small-scale electrical and grid energy industries opens new mutual horizons.