Following renewable sources based projects are realized by OOO “AltEnergo” (LLC) today in Belgorod Oblast:

  • Solar power plant (Krapivenskie Dvory village , Yakovlevsky district, Belgorod Oblast, Russia).
  • Wind generators  (Krapivenskie Dvory villge, Yakovlevsky district, Belgorod Oblast, Russia).
  • Biogas plant  (Luchki village, Prokhorovsky district, Belgorod Oblast, Russia). 

Belgorod Institute of Alternative Energy studies the experience in technologies application and gives recommendations on replication practicability in Belgorod Oblast and beyond its limits.

Research groups of the Institute (including AltEnergo staff, invited scientists from leading universities of the region) conduct the research and analyse performance improvement methods of “AltEnergo” facilities: solar power plant, wind generators and biogas plant “Luchki”. These are following research groups:

  • Efficiency analysis of different solar panels application in climatic conditions of Belgorod Oblast;
  • Examination of several wind generators in order to choose the most effective modification for usage on the territory of Belgorod Oblast;
  • Development of electric vehicles infrastructure in Belgorod Oblast;
  • Adaptation and analysis of operational practices and project solutions of biogas power plant “Luchki”;
  • Application of silage substitutes for biogas production in order to reduce the price of manufacturing  process. 
  • Testing and modification of organic fertilizers in order to raise the level of soil fertility.  Fertility testing laboratory has an area 140 hectares of arable land. It was created to conduct research and studies on fertilizers. It is situated in Prokhorovskiy district, Belgorod Oblast, Russia. The experimental area is divided into 3 ha square land parcels. Every land parcel is manured with different volumes of bio-fertilizers and samples are regularly taken.