Solar power plants

Brief project  information

Solar power plants are installed in Yakovlevskiy district, Belgorod Oblast, Russia.
Solar panels use solar energy to produce electric energy. Solar panel consists of photoemissive cells, series-and parallel connected. Working principle of photoemissive cells, which make up the solar panel, is based on photovoltaic effect.

Foto: Belgorod region, Yakovlevskiy district, 2010.

Polycrystalline solar panels – consist of sawn into wafers semiconducting silicium. During the contact of sunlight with solar panel’s surface electron motion appears, electric current production begins, which is later converted into alternating current.

In amorphous solar panels semiconductors are split in vacuous space into finest particles, sunlight effect becomes more intensive. Therefore, the amorphous solar panels have high level of capacity and can work in bad weather conditions.

Technical and economical indexes:

Peak rating – 100 Kw
Polycrystalline – 46 kW, capacity of one solar panel – 213 W, sq – 170 m2
Amorphous – 54 kW, capacity of one solar panel – 50 W, sq – 876 m2
Brief technical description of the project:

Solar power plant peak rating – 100 Kw. Specialist have chosen two types of solar panels to install: 46 kW polycrystalline solar panels, mad in Russia (Ryazan) and 54 kW amorphous solar panels, made in Hungary. All in all, at 3,5 ha land parcel there are 1 320 solar panels with 1 000 m2  of working surface. Inverters are installed near solar panels to convert the direct current into alternating current and supply it to powerlines. The amount of produced energy is enough to supply the block of 100 flats with electricity. Volumes of energy output depend on weather conditions, season and time of the day. Solar power plant installations are 5-6 times more effective than wind power plants. Furthermore, amorphous solar panels work more efficient than polycrystalline solar panels, since they give solar radiation in cloudy weather, in winter, but in summer time polycrystalline solar panels work better.

All technical characteristics of solar power plant, particularly solar radiation level and amount of produced energy per every specific second is displayed at special monitor. Here are also displayed total volume of electric energy, produced from the putting into operation time and potential volume of CO2emissions, which is managed to avoid due to alternative energy production technology.