Wind generators

General information about the project

Wind generators are installed in Yakovlevskiy district, Belgorod region, Russia. The regional wind conditions, where the object is situated, is characterized by predominance of south-western (December-February) and north-eastern wind directions. The average annual wind speed is 4,8 m/s.

Wind generator  (wind electric system or WES) is a device for conversion of kinetic wind energy into electric energy.
Main working principle consists of conversion of energy (from kinetic into electric). Wind rotates the “windmill’s” blades, setting the electrical generator shaft into motion. Generator produces electric energy; energy goes to automatic controller, than the energy is converted to statutory indicators of current frequency and voltage.

Main divergence from traditional heat and nuclear energy sources is the absolute absence of raw and waste materials.
Wind generators or wind power plants were the first object of alternative energy output in Belgorod Oblast.     

Technical-and economical indexes:

The nominal peak power – 100 kW (1 wind generator’s peak power – 20kW)
Tower height – 18 m
Blades’ span – 10 m
Takeoff wind speed – 2,5 m/s
Working wind speed – 3,5 -26 m/s
Optimum wind speed – 11,5 m/s
Nominal rate of turbine blades’ turn – 90 rpm
Rated voltage – 380 +/- 10% V
Operating band – 50+/- 1 hz
Yaw-system – hydraulics
Producer’s brand: SkyWing (Germany)

Project’s brief technical specification:

Five wind generators with 20 kW capacity each start working at wind speed 2,5 m/s, the optimal wind speed for these installations – 11,5m/s, maximal wind speed – 26m/s. Each wind installation is equipped with windspeed indicator – anemometer and anemoscope. When the wind reaches 2,5m/s speed, force-feed blades’ acceleration system switches on. Generator helps to spin the installation and then “windmill” works on it’s own, without assistance. When the wind speed comprises 3,5 m/s, generation sensing device switches on, and the power output starts. If the wind speed sink, “smart” mechanism stops the installation. With the wind speed more than 18 m/s the installation sets it’s blades parallel to the wind direction and stops the rotation.