Geothermal energy

Earth energy. Heat pumps and geothermal devices.

Geothermal energy production – production of electric and thermal energy in geothermal units based on thermal power, contained in Earth interior. The source of energy of such type for building or other construction – is heat pump. Unlike other heat power generators (gas, diesel, electricity), it takes accumulated heat of soil or groundwater and transfers it right to direct usage.  It has high efficiency coefficient in comparison to other heat supply systems.

The heat pump can completely supply the needs of building in heating, hot water supply, passive conditioning and can at the same time perform the function of energy-efficient air ventilation system. The expenses, comparing to other traditional systems are twofold reduced.

The main working principle of heat pump is “refrigerator vice versa”. Works from electric energy, but produced heating rate is 3-5 times bigger than gross electric energy. Service life comprises 15-25 years.

Heat pumps can be subdivided into several types:
«closed cycle» heat pumps

  • horizontal- the collector is placed annularly or helically into horizontal cut lower the  soil frost depth (usually 1,2m or lower)
  • horizontal – the collector is placed vertically in a bore 200 m deep. (this method is used when the square of land parcel doesn’t allow to place the construction aflat or there is a risk to damage the landscape)
  • water – the collector is placed helically or annularly in water reservoir, lower the soil frost depth

«open» heat pumps  use water as heat-transfer fluid, that circulates trough the geothermal heat pump system in an open cycle, i.e. water goes back to the ground after finishing the circulation  circle.


The advantages of heat pumps:

  • They work all the year round, i.e. they use stable source of positive temperature (ground, water).
  • They are equipped with cooling system – which supplies passive conditioning of the building through the heating system or by using fan coil units (FCU).
  • Equipped with build-in boiler, perform water heating for domestic needs or swimming pool.
  • Provide energy-efficient ventilation of the building. The special module takes away the heat from exhaust air and delivers it to heat accumulation system (heat-transfer device- waste heat exchanger)

The scheme of heat pump unit with the usage of geothermal energy