Water energy

Water energySmall-scale hydraulic power industry

A wide range of hydropower objects with installed capacity less than 25 MW, including mini water power utility (less than 5 MW) and micro water power utility (3 kW – 1MW), are referred to hydraulic power industry. The main difference of small-scale power industry from average size power industry is that there is no need to install huge hydrotechnical constructions. This simplifies the engineering and construction works and licensing.

Micro water power utility

One of the most efficient directions in alternative energy development is usage of energy of small water courses with the help of small water power producers (mini and micro water power utilities). The engineering-and-economical potential of small scale hydraulic power industry in Russia today is realized only at 1%. Mini and micro water power utilities use energy of water resources and hydraulic systems with the help of hydro-electric power-plant with low power. They are efficient for suburb, private farms, and isolated farmstead, small enterprises in hard-to-reach regions power supply or in the places, where the powerlines stringing is not of benefit. Additionally, the WPU can find an application in structural element of water supply facility, in water handling systems, in wastewater treatment plants, which consume huge amount of electric energy. The mini WPU application will significantly reduce the dependence of such enterprises on centralized power supply.

Power sources:

  • small rivers, brooks;
  • natural altitude differences at lake overfalls and canals of irrigation dam
  • industrial and sewage wastewaters
  • The attitude difference of wastewater treatment units, of water conditioning and purification systems and other pipelines, designed to liquid items pumping of different kinds.

The hydroelectric generating set consists of generating unit (power block), circulating water intake and adapter. Micro WPU are simple in construction and completely automatically controlled i.e. they don’t need man’s attendance. Produced energy meets the requirements (for current frequency and voltage) of National State Standards.

Micro WPU can work parallel with and independent from powerlines, i.e. directly supplying the consumer. Service life of WPU comprises the period not less than 40 years (not less than 5 years to general maintenance).



Mini WPU

Diesel generator

Capacity of the unit

3 kW – 5MW

1 kW – 5MW

The price per kW

500 – 2 000 USD

300 – 700 USD

Flat cost (production cost)

0,45 – 1 RUB per kW.h

5-20 RUB per kW.h