Energy efficient house

Energy efficient house – is a building, which is distinguished trough small energy consumption and almost full energy independence due to application of renewable energy units, like wind power generators, solar batteries, heat pumps and solar collectors.

  • Performance of energy audit;
  • Analysis of energy saving technologies application;
  • Energy saving arrangements offer;
  • Realization of energy saving arrangements;

So called “passive house” – is energy efficient building, corresponding to the highest  energy efficiency class in the world’s many storied building practice. Energy consumption of such passive house is about 10% from volumetric energy density, consumed by majority of buildings. Insignificant heating is needed during the period of negative temperatures. Ideally, the passive house is an independent energy system, which doesn’t need expenses for comfortable temperature of water and air support.

   Heat losses of passive house are close to zero level                                     At the same conditions, average house is heating the street


For those, who aspire to reduce their energy consumption level cardinally and to start using modern innovative approaches for electric devices and house engineering systems control, there is a special system, called “smart house”.

“Smart house” is a system, uniting the light load, heat supply system, electric energy supply system, safety system, which let not only to control house energy consumption fully, but also to provide secure performance of the whole house. System provides economically efficient usage of electric energy according to preset parameters, and also lets in the case of necessity to minimize energy consumption level through “sleeping mode” actuating. With the help of this system it is possible to install necessary climatic parameters (temperature and humidity) in any room space of the house without any additional assistance. When there is nobody in the house, the installed inner microclimate is being kept. Control system has visual control panel (display). There is a possibility to control smart system with mobile device or over the Internet.

The results of “smart system” application are:

  • electric energy saving
  • keeping of comfort climate in the house
  • safety of your own house 


  • heating with ecologically clean renewable biofuel (biodiesel, pellets, (wood pellets)).
  • Usage of heat pump system in heating and conditioning systems.
  • Reduction of heat losses trough wall’s heating sealing, installation of energy efficient windows.
  • Installation of solar water heating unit.
  • Natural illumination level extension, sun heat accumulation in building’s constructions.
  • Cooling of the house due to solar ventilator, heat sealing paint for garret application.
The Advantages of hybrid systems application
Wind turbine is working with the wind presence (fair weather), charging the accumulators or giving the capacity to consumer. As soon as wind turbine stops to produce necessary capacity, diesel generator switches on, and compensates the shortcoming. Such scheme has the wide range of advantages:
  • fuel saving
  • secure electric energy supply system
  • ecological compatibility
  • noiselessness (diesel generator switches on when it is comfortable for you, and operational cycle takes very short period of time)

Application of heat recuperation system
Recuperation system is one of key energy saving elements of passive house. Ventilation system with heat recuperation provides the indoor space with comfortable temperature clean air, reducing heating system load.